Tumblr Advertisements

So I was casually scrolling my dash when a fucking creepy gif pops up from universalhorrormovies. I don’t remember following this blog, so I go to check the details and realize it’s a fucking advertisement and there is no way to unfollow it! One, I hate horror and usually unfollow people who start posting it. Two, I don’t want to see adverts interspersed on my dash as I scroll. This is messed up, welcome to the new Yahoo owned Tumblr. It is beginning…

Anyway, if you wind up seeing this crap on your dash too, I recommend installing AdBlock for Chrome or Firefox. Go to the offending tumblr’s page and add that url to your list of blocked sites. Seemed to remove the add from my feed. Good luck

tumblr advertisements advertisements wtf tumblr adblock

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    did this. this worked. ty. ads on tumblr is the reason I finally downloaded adblock.
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